The Original Golden Age Black Terror vs. Killer Robot



One of the most popular public domain characters of the Golden Age of Comics is now available in miniature! Sculpted at 1/21 scale and standing 3.84" (9.74 cm) tall, this hand painted resin collectible is inspired by the cover to Exciting Comics #45 (March 1946), drawn by the amazing Alex Schomburg. The Black Terror vs. Killer Robot has a faux gold foil label, is individually numbered, and comes in a white box with a color printed wrapper and a protective soft black foam interior. To avoid breakage in transit, the figurines and base are packaged separately, requiring a small amount of superglue to assemble. Only 175 produced; there will be no second edition. For ages 14 and up - this is a work of art, not a toy. Figurines are now in stock with very few remaining; don't delay, buy yours today!